Help Reduce to Homelessness in Wausau

Individuals without housing are a part of many communities across the country. Unhoused people face challenges that are varied and not easily addressed. As long as their housing  and other individual needs remain unmet, some collisions with the interests of the broader community are likely. Won’t our city and county benefit most if we don’t simplify this complex issue and instead explore multiple perspectives and approaches? Aren’t we best served by moderating differences to craft reasonable problem-solving plans and implementation measures? Compromise, as ...

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Social Security is on the Ballot

Social Security works for all Americans. Social Security is essential to most people's present and future financial security. It is much more than retirement income for old folks. Social Security is very efficient with overhead costs which are way below those of private insurance companies. It is also very popular and the most successful public program in our history. So why are Republican politicians constantly trying to mess around with Social Security? Even more inexplicable, why do so many people, who benefit from Social Security, continue to vote for Republica...

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A Community Conversation HOLY LAND PEACE DIALOGUE

A Community Conversation HOLY LAND PEACE DIALOGUE MONDAY, APRIL 15 at 7 pm SPEAKER Rev. Forrest Wells   You are invited to First United Methodist Church, Wausau (parking in the Fulton St. lot) at 7:00 p.m. for a presentation and conversation with Rev. Forrest Wells.  He will lead a discussion on the current conflict in Gaza, concerns for those living the reality of war, humanitarian need and response, and the hope for peace.   Rev. Forrest Wells served as a United Methodist pastor in Wisconsin for over 25 years, and as an overseer for hundreds of ...

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The Small City of Superior Stands Up to Utility Corporations and Says No to a Large Gas Plant Near the Nemadji River and Lake Superior

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: April 4, 2024 Contacts: Laura Lane, laura@healthyclimatewi.org, (608) 215-0112 Megan Wittman,  megan.wittman@sierraclub.org The Small City of Superior Stands Up to Utility Corporations and Says No to a Large Gas Plant Near the Nemadji River and Lake Superior The City Council's rejection of the proposed gas plant protects community health, Indigenous rights, and climate.  Superior, WI – After months of robust public input from city residents, Tribal leaders, health professionals, and utility representatives, the ...

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Women for Women May Program

Women for Women Thursday, May 2, 2024, 6 PM   Our May program will Feature Maxwell Johnson from the Wisconsin Conservation Voters.   As the Central Organizer based in Stevens Point, Maxwell empowers community members, volunteers, activists, and partner organizations to advocate for climate solutions, protect drinking water, and expand the freedom to vote at all levels of government – now and for the future. Maxwell grew up in Rural, Wisconsin (that’s the name of my town) and spent my summers hiking the Ice Age Trail near my house or kayaking the ...

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A Kingdom, Power, and Glory Book Club Review

The public establishment of Christianity may be considered as one of the most important and domestic revolutions which excite the most lively curiosity, and afford the most valuable instruction. The victories and the civil policy of Constantine no longer influence the state of Europe; but a considerable portion of the globe still retains the impression which it received from the conversion of that monarch; and the ecclesiastical institutions of his reign are still connected, by an indissoluble chain, with the opinions, the passions, and the interests of the present ...

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Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans

Learn About Constitutional Amendments in Wisconsin

  From our friends at the League of Women Voters Elections need to be fully funded. The proposed constitutional amendment on the April 2 ballot puts our elections at risk. Tuesday, February 27 at 6pm learn about the constitutional amendment questions that will be on your ballot April 2 and why you should VOTE NO. Speakers will discuss the constitutional amendments in Wisconsin and what we can expect next. https://fb.me/e/7eQS1vXHl

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Electronic Screens Have Created a New Version of Plato’s ‘Cave’

The Greek philosopher, Plato, wrote the Allegory of the Cave about the nature of how we perceive reality. In his instructional story, a group of people live their entire lives chained in place and facing a cave wall. Behind them, on a ledge there is a fire casting its light on the cave wall that they can see. People go about their daily activities in front of the fire so that their shadows are cast onto the wall, so the chained people can see them. Plato asks, what will the chained prisoners think of reality? Won’t they think that the shadows are the true nature of ...

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