Campaign Finance Reform

Corporations Are People?

“This is a crucial time in the fight for corporate civil rights. Just look at the hateful signs at Occupy Wall Street: 'Corporations Are Not People!' Wow, I thought we were past the point in this country where some people aren't people just because they have different color skin or different religion or were born in a lawyer's office, only exist on paper, have no soul and can never die.” Stephen Colbert, comedian“I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one”. Robert Reich, economist.We are moving into another election season. We all know ...

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BLUE JEAN NATION REVIVALSATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20NEENAH, WISCONSINBlue Jean Nation has no interest in holding just another boring political convention with endless speeches. What we’ve got in mind is more like a New England-style town hall meeting – only with a twist inspired by digital-age social media. A “town hall tweeting” you might say, complete with a hearing where everyone who attends is invited to give oral “tweestimony” on how to fix the broken political system in 140 characters or less, with the best statements tweeted out live on Blue Jean ...

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 In NW Wisconsin we have one party rule. Currently there are no candidates to run against the incumbent Republican in the 7th Congressional District. The voters have no choice. Democracy is dead.Why is this? The primary answer is money. According to the Wausau Daily Herald, the sole democratic candidate for the 7th District dropped out because he needed $1.5 million to have a viable campaign.[1] He had raised only $144,589 to his opponent's $926,000. But the whole electoral process also discourages good candidates. The length of the campaign, the attack ads, ...

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