Hot Evaluation

Let’s look at the results generated from the first 6 months of the latest version of Wausau’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), presented to the City’s Public Health and Safety Committee recently.   This is based on their assumption there are 30-50 unhoused Wausonians. 20 have been engaged with by their outreach specialist. Of those twenty, four have been “successfully housed”. That would mean 25% of the people engaged with found a place while only 13% of all unhoused did, using the number 30. There is no mention of the number of engageme...

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Aquarian Revolution: Back to the Land

Aquarian Revolution: Back to the Land reveals the guts, glory, and grief of 1960s social upheaval and documents the real accomplishments wrought when dreams are forged into reality. In turn funny, heart-rending, and inspiring, these thirty-two interviews reflect not only the flavor of those times but also the continuing ethic so deeply embedded in the generation’s consciousness. More than four decades have passed since hippies heralded the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, a New Age promising peace, love, and personal fulfillment. In the intervening decades, ...

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ACT 134

To Marathon County Board of Supervisors: I am writing in support of the resolution, titled: RESOLUTION TO CALL FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION TO PROTECT MARATHON COUNTY FROM THE IMPACTS OF METALLIC SULFIDE EXPLORATION AND MINING. I currently live in Madison, Wisconsin and am a Political Scientist, specializing in federalism and intergovernmental relationships. But I spent much of my early life living in Colby, Wisconsin in Marathon County and still have extended family living all around the county. I know many farmers and small business owners who live in the area around ...

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Wausau POW WOW in Photos

Drilling in the Chequamegon Forest

Drilling plans underway for gold deposits near Wausau and in Chequamegon National Forest (Wausau, WI) If Toronto-Ontario, Canada based GreenLight Metals has its way, the winter of 2022-2023 will be a busy time for metallic sulfide mine development in Wisconsin. GreenLight has submitted plans to start exploration drilling at many of Wisconsin’s most loved natural features – The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, The Ice Age National Scenic Trail, and The Dells of the Eau Claire State Natural Area, are all being targeted. Project documents here: https://dnr.wi...

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Michigan Board votes to add ancient Menominee site to National Register of Historic Places; pro-mining Michigan legislators oppose vote

On June 29, 2022, preceding the Fourth Annual Menominee Canoe Trip held June 30-July 3 by Native and non-Native water protectors, students learn about ancient garden beds, cache pits and burial mounds during a tour of ancient Menominee cultural sites led by Dawn Wilber, who teaches Menominee culture and language at Menominee High School in Keshena, Wis. Ann  Wilber, far right, tells students an ancient story. The sites are part of an area recently nominated by both Wisconsin and Michigan Historical Preservation Review Boards for inclusion in the National Register of ...

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2022 Central Wisconsin Indigenous Peoples’ Day POW WOW

Water Protectors

Water Protectors: The H.E.L.P. Campaign to Save the Penokees You need to read this book. The H.E.L.P. Campaign to save the Penokees is still powerful in showing what grassroots organizing can do and what community activism looks like. Back in 2013 I arrived in Mellen with several others from the Wausau area. We were greeted by none other than the author of this book, Nick Vander Puy. Along with him were Penokee Pete and Paul DeMain, and several others. It was an educational day for me up there, one of many that would follow. That day in Mellen at the Penokee ...

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Right Wing Think Tanks Are Who Is Really Behind Bias Reporting On College Campuses

Free speech on college campuses is being stifled, however the push to limit free speech was not started by some woke left wing mob. Oh no. It was started by a right wing organization that calls itself Students For Academic Freedom, which is a bit of a misnomer because their key goal is to strip academic freedom from faculty they disagree with. This stifling of free speech did not start all that recently; it can be traced back to the early aughts. I was attending graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2005 when I first became aware of this ...

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