Fairness. Respect. Community.

Middle Wisconsin is an online magazine. We believe:

  • in thriving local economies which provide an adequate standard of living for all citizens
  • everyone has a right to a high quality public education
  • everyone has a right to high quality health care
  • in the responsible use and care of our environment
  • in a just and open government

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Uncle SamMiddle Wisconsin Wants Your Writing Submissions!

We at Middle Wisconsin welcome thoughtful articles and letters in support of community, families, and a sustainable planet. Limit each submission to no more than 600 words and email it to editor@middlewisconsin.org either as a Microsoft Word document or as part of the email text. Include your name, municipality, and email address. Submissions may be edited for length, clarity, accuracy, and taste. New articles are published on Sunday. Please allow at least five days for processing accepted manuscripts.
Reprinting Middle Wisconsin Articles
Please feel free to reprint the work of Middle Wisconsin. All we ask is that you follow these easy steps:
1. Credit Middle Wisconsin and the author for the article.
2. Do not alter change or add to the material.
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