Academic AND Vocational Education

Sidetracking traditional education and leaning into vocational training at an early age will only exacerbate cultural division in the U.S. Much of what currently upsets under-educated Americans is that they do not understand much of what they have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s not news that people fear the unknown. The anti-vaxxers are a perfect example—people who know nothing about viruses or how they function in the human body or how vaccines work to provide a level of immunity. So there’s all this pressure from the educated (scientists, doctors) and ...

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Last week I traveled to Washington D.C. with my fellow union retirees in AFSCME. We had a wonderful week of camaraderie and learning to craft our own message to take to our representatives regarding the Social Security Fairness Act (S. 597 / H.R. 82). H.R. 82 would repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) that deprive more than 2.5 million public employees of Social Security benefits they have earned. How the Government Pension Offset (GPO) Works – Social Security pays benefits to the spouse of retired and disabled ...

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Wausau Parade

For Immediate Release Media Contacts: Jake Horn 920.422.4483; Randy Radtke 715.370.8908; Wausau celebrates Labor Day on Monday Wausau, WI, Monday, September 4th, labor and community members celebrate workers with an annual Labor Day Parade starting at 4pm with the parade route going down 3rd Ave towards the Labor Temple. On Labor Day workers across the nation acknowledge those workers who make our nation operate, because we know it’s not the CEOs who produce the goods and services needed, but labor. As DALU 24111 member, Nancy ...

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Happy Labor Day

Every Labor Day, I take time to give thanks and celebrate America’s labor movement. Over the years, the hard work and solidarity of countless union men and women have advanced workplaces and enhanced our nation for the better. Nothing ever comes easy, and nothing is given out of the kindness of corporations: the big bosses only care about profits and the bottom line. Workers joining together in unions and working together bringing forth their demands is what has won advances that benefit everyone in this country. These include decent wages, pensions and fair ...

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Wausau LABOR DAY Parade

Scapegoating unemployed is tired political trope. Here’s what works to fix labor shortages.

Generous benefits are not keeping people on the sidelines of employment. Michael Rosen and Charlie Dee Wisconsin’s labor shortage is not the result of lazy people gaming the unemployment system. Yet that’s the excuse Republican lawmakers used to pass, without a single Democratic vote, a series of bills intended to punish the mythical lazy workers, most notably by cutting unemployment insurance benefits to as few as 14 weeks and making it more difficult for those out of work to qualify for them. These politicians believe benefits are so generous that they ...

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U.S. Labor, Then and Now

Corporate Crime

“The irony is that the nation I live in, once a beacon of democracy for my parents, is now dominated by corporations that value profit over people, safety and well-being,” Marta Tellado, CEO of Consumer Reports. Her parents fled Cuba in 1961. Crime was a major issue in the recent election. According to the Republicans “crime is  skyrocketing” and honest citizens are living in fear of widespread violent crime. “Criminals are “wreaking havoc on American cities” said Rep. Tom Tiffany despite his mostly rural northern Wisconsin congressional district having ...

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Marathon County Central Labor Council Parade