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Tolerance of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

“Tolerance, n., willingness to accept behavior and beliefs that are different than your own although you may not agree or approve of them.” Cambridge Online Dictionary Republican attacks on LGBTQ and transgender people are increasingly ridiculous. The flap over transgenders playing sports is an example. Transgender people are 0.39% of Wisconsin's population. All people have varying ability to compete in sports regardless of gender. Clearly this is not a problem, nor does it need legislative attention. If anything it needs legislation affirming equal rights and the ...

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Big Turnout at Wausau’s First-Ever Environmental Health Summit

  Individuals, environmental groups, and elected officials packed the room at the Midwest Environmental Summit in Wausau’s Jefferson Street Inn on Saturday. Attendees from Wausau to Madison to Door County came to listen to state and nationally renowned speakers and groups. Because Citizens for a Clean Wausau, the host of the event, received a grant to put together the regional summit, the public paid absolutely nothing to attend the day-long event and came out in droves. Some featured speakers at the event had actually made national and international ...

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The Address of an Uninvited Keynote Speaker

I wrote the following in one fell swoop after receiving a call from a young friend. He was relaying a tentative invitation—or the possibility of a tentative invitation—that immediately excited me into eight hand-written pages without a pee break. That was quite an accomplishment for an old man. Well, the possible tentative invitation fell through. It failed to materialize. I’m not sure why. My inner hermit was relieved. My constricted soapbox manager was, at least for a while, beside himself with deflated bubbles. But here are the hastily scribbled pages, ...

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Central Wisconsin Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Reflections on Earth Day

How do you joyously celebrate Earth Day even as the natural world we so rely on, and come together to honor, is in such decline?  That question rose to the surface again and again a couple of weeks ago on April 22nd, the fifty third anniversary of the first Earth Day.  Our own Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson inaugurated this special day in 1970, hoping to draw attention to the environmental mess we were already making of things.  That year twenty million Americans marched in support.  Earth Day was then, and has been ever since, both a celebration of this unique, ...

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NAOMI Action Day

Join with hundreds of people from WISDOM affiliates around the state whose values impel them to advocate for a more just and equitable Wisconsin on Thursday, April 27. The day will begin with an inspiring and informative session at the Masonic Center.  After a boxed lunch, we will proceed to the Capitol for a rally followed by visits with our state senators and representatives. Will provide a bus for the event, leaving from Mt. Sinai Congregation, loading at 6:15 am leaving at 6:30 am, making a stop at the park/ride in Kronenwetter and in the parking lot behind the ...

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Women for Women Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Women for Women Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 6 PM Women for Women is extremely fortunate to have Tricia Zunker as our guest speaker on Thursday, April 6th, at 6  PM. She will speak to an issue we all should be aware of and strive to address; the horrible issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Tricia's background is astounding.  She has been an Associate Justice of the HO-Chunk Nation Supreme Court since 2013.  She has also served as President of the Wausau School Board, is founding director of Central Wisconsin Indigenous Peoples' Day Committee ...

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Earth Day 2023

Even the most die hard science fiction fan has to admit that Earth, at least in our solar system, is the most exotic destination in the neighborhood.  No where else does such complex life exist, and in such stunning profusion.   By comparison, our companion planets look pretty bland.  It is life in all its diversity that sets our home in this starry universe apart.  How fortunate we all are to share this singular and extravagant gift with one another - something to celebrate, certainly something to protect. Your local Citizen's Climate Lobby Chapter and NAOMI ...

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To the Superintendent and the Board of Education From a School Board Candidate

Why are you creating this overwhelming, revolutionary change in our community schools? Your now definitive, solidified decision will create some unbearable changes for families as well as the communities here.  You have given us Door Number One of your solution.  Where is Door Number Two and Door Number Three?   Have you considered other solutions?   Change the boundaries.  East and West would have a balance of approximately 1400 students.  Eau Claire (which formerly used rivers as boundaries) has had to change boundaries a few times because ...

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