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Meet and Greet Potluck Picnic


  Friends for Peace, We will be walking around the 400 Block each Saturday morning at 10 am until about 11:30.  Many come to walk and many come to sit on the corners of the 400 Block with signs and flags to be present for people who want to stop to talk. Please join us as you are able! Bring a new sign if you have time.  We do have some to share if you need one! All of our hearts should be open, and in doing this we will be strengthened to take actions in support of a peaceful solution. In Solidarity, Carolyn, Claudette, Nancy and David

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No Time for Games—Vote ‘No’ on State Constitutional Amendments

Did you know a big election is coming up this year? In November, of course! But there’s an election on August 13 that’s also important to your community and your future. There are two questions on the August ballot which, if passed, will change the state constitution for the worse. I’m voting no on both questions, and I urge other voters throughout Wisconsin to do the same. A yes vote on these constitutional amendment questions would give the legislature sole authority over the distribution of federal money. A yes vote would also take the governor out of the ...

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A Lifeline in the Wake of Tragedy

If you think Social Security is just for when you get old.... Here's an ad to watch and share:

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Little did I know when I started volunteering here how much this would grow on me. There is great need in our comunity and often those with the greatest needs are shunned. The problem of unhoused is not going away by wishing it away or incarcerating it away. And shame on those who say "not in my backyard." All I can say is, you have touched me, I have grown. Community Outreach Task Force is A Non-profit Organization with a mission to provide the basic living needs (and more) to the homeless. We are staffed by volunteers, so 100% goes directly to servicing the most ...

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Saving Social Security

Recently Wausau took part in a launch of Seniors for Biden in Wisconsin. We had former Alabama Senator Doug Jones come to Wausau to do a tour on Social Security and Medicare. Throughout the week, former U.S. Senator Doug Jones launched the “Protect Our Retirement” tour to campaign for President Biden across Wisconsin, with stops in Wausau, Green Bay, and Milwaukee. Doug Jones is a former U.S. senator and current civil rights attorney. In 2017, he won a special election to fill a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama—the first Democrat to do so in 25 years in the ...

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Yet Another Anniversary Roe v Wade

  A reminder that on June 24 we are seeing yet another anniversary of the overturning of Roe v Wade (June 24, 2022). What does your area have planned? Is your community planning a rally? Below are some talking points for Letters to the Editor. Talk to your friends and neighbors, we need to have facts out there. **Wausau will have a rally on Saturday, June 22 from noon unti 1:30 PM at the entrance to Marathon Park, across from John Muir. Bring a sign and see you there. More details to come.   The Supreme Court ruling in FDA v. Alliance for ...

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A Peace Diologue Event

A Peace Diologue Event Please Join Us for the Documentary Movie Gaza Followed by discussion led by Elaine Strite, John Viste and Rick Scott Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 6 pm First United Methodist Church 903 Third Street Wausau, WI This unforgettable documentary film, Gaza, by Andrew McConnell and Gary Keanu, takes us to a unique place beyond the reach of television news reports to reveal a world rich with eloquent and resilient characters, offering us a cinematic and enriching portrait of a people attempting to lead meaningful lives against the rubble of ...

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Wisconsin Grassroots Network Festival

  On May 4th, at the Warch Campus Center Building in Appleton WI, Wisconsin Grassroots Network,  presented its' day long 15th Annual Festival at Lawrence University. There were a total of 18 breakout sessions to choose from. We heard Tom Kastle, and the Raging Grannies sing! The raging Grannies never disappoint! The absolute best were the special Keynote speakers John Nichols and Alan Minsky.

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