MWN Shows Real Courage

Middle Wisconsin News should be praised for their journalistic courage exhibited in the October 16th edition. It takes real courage to buck the government, mainstream media and the majority of public thinking, especially on emotional topics like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. MWN should be commended for publishing Caitlin Johnston's article about Hamas' attack not being “unprovoked.” There have been over 100 years of provocation by Jewish settlers in Palestine and the Israeli government that continues today with the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West ...

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Northern Environmental Advocates: PFAS in Drilling Fluids

Wisconsin DNR has a new research project to determine if PFAS are in DNR approved drilling fluids used for mineral exploration drilling and drinking water well construction. Contrary to what the DNR has admitted during recent meetings, DNR staff is still making unfounded public statements that products on their approved list do not contain PFAS. Since there has never been any testing to confirm these products lack PFAS, any statement claiming that products are PFAS free is not backed up by factual evidence. The DNR continues to absorb full liability for allowing use ...

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