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Earth Day

The Small City of Superior Stands Up to Utility Corporations and Says No to a Large Gas Plant Near the Nemadji River and Lake Superior

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: April 4, 2024 Contacts: Laura Lane,, (608) 215-0112 Megan Wittman, The Small City of Superior Stands Up to Utility Corporations and Says No to a Large Gas Plant Near the Nemadji River and Lake Superior The City Council's rejection of the proposed gas plant protects community health, Indigenous rights, and climate.  Superior, WI – After months of robust public input from city residents, Tribal leaders, health professionals, and utility representatives, the ...

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Earth Day Celebration 2024

The unwavering flame of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson's environmental spirit burns brightly around the world each Earth Day.  Alarmed by more and more shores fouled by oil spills, city air darkened by smog, rivers so polluted they caught fire and burned, and farmland tainted by pesticides, Nelson envisioned a world with clean air to breath, clean water to drink and healthy, clean soil to grow our food in.  The result was the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, and it unified both Democrats and Republicans, city folk and country folk, rich and poor, business and industry ...

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Women for Women May Program

Women for Women Thursday, May 2, 2024, 6 PM   Our May program will Feature Maxwell Johnson from the Wisconsin Conservation Voters.   As the Central Organizer based in Stevens Point, Maxwell empowers community members, volunteers, activists, and partner organizations to advocate for climate solutions, protect drinking water, and expand the freedom to vote at all levels of government – now and for the future. Maxwell grew up in Rural, Wisconsin (that’s the name of my town) and spent my summers hiking the Ice Age Trail near my house or kayaking the ...

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Earth Day 2024

Genuflecting In The Forest

Bearing witness to the carnage we of the Homo Sapiens lineage inflict on one another sours even the most optimistic of souls.  What thoughtful person among us is not dragged inexorably down the dark whirlpool when confronted by yet another mother ravaged by the violent destruction of her dearly beloved, big eyed child?  We use the language of hatred, spraying out machine gun words like terrorist, demon, migrant rapist, left wing thugs and countless others to make righteous our own terrorism and salve our night time pangs of guilt with their soothing unguent.  Sad ...

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2023 Year in Review

Another Year of Historic Citizen-Driven Action and Research. Riverside Park Finally Remediated 17 Years After First Dioxin Soil Samples in 2006. 2023 was a special year. It not only marked the 5-year anniversary of Citizens for a Clean Wausau’s founding in 2018, but also encompassed major community progress on multiple critical local environmental fronts. A list of CCW’s 2023 news and research posts can be found on this page below our highlight commentary. Citizens for a Clean Wausau dedicates its work this year to Teresa Mills of CHEJ, in order to honor our ...

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Monitoring Northern Wisconsin Meetings

Please monitor the Northern Wisconsin County Board & Committee meetings for agendas and minutes that include Tom Tiffany and Mary Felzkowski appearances. All the Counties in their districts should be monitored. They are introducing anti-conservation initiatives from groups like this:   Tiffany was one of their keynote speakers at their recent summit found here:     Here are links to Oneida, Vilas, Florence, Oconto & Lincoln Counties. Tiffany's 7th District includes 20 ...

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The Gift of Yellow Leaves

If there be wood sprites at play upon this land let them dress up in all the yellows of a late autumn day.  Glorious October yellow stands of unruly tamarack, meandering branches that twist and turn like dervishes, sublime with ecstasy, begin our journey across the enchanted north woods.  Poplar and birch, both paper and gray, rise up on sturdy, ballet toes, twirl exuberantly yellow beyond compare.  Even the few not yet naked maples glint yellow amid a myriad of other colors.  You would never call it an explosion of yellow, or accuse the lemon forest of being ablaze.  ...

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Anniversary of the Crandon Mine

It will be an honor to attend the 20th anniversary event of the Crandon Mine. Although this is the twenty-year anniversary of the end, the battle of the Crandon Mine itself started decades earlier when I was still in high school. Even though I was barely old enough to be an activist at that time, something stuck within me hearing those words Crandon Mine every day on the radio news. Last year those words took hold when I learned at our Earth Day rallies of the potential for drilling at the Reef Deposit in Marathon County where I live. Gathering forces with those who ...

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