A Community Conversation HOLY LAND PEACE DIALOGUE

A Community Conversation


MONDAY, APRIL 15 at 7 pm


Rev. Forrest Wells


You are invited to First United Methodist Church, Wausau (parking in the Fulton St. lot) at 7:00 p.m. for a presentation and conversation with Rev. Forrest Wells.  He will lead a discussion on the current conflict in Gaza, concerns for those living the reality of war, humanitarian need and response, and the hope for peace.


Rev. Forrest Wells served as a United Methodist pastor in Wisconsin for over 25 years, and as an overseer for hundreds of pastors and churches for about 15 years as a District Superintendent. He has traveled extensively throughout the world to better understand and support people facing conflict.  Forrest just returned from his 26th trip to Israel and Palestine last month, and we are eager to hear about his experiences and insights not covered by most news.


Please Join Us To Listen AND TALK TOGETHER.

On Monday, April 15th at 7 pm.