Wisconsin needs an independent Supreme Court. In recent years the allegedly non-partisan judges on the Court have become increasingly political. This is not good for anyone, conservative or liberal. Neither is it good for fair and impartial justice.

Having checks on the power of public officials is engrained in the Constitution and in the structure of Wisconsin government. To guard against the misuse of power there are multiple branches of government. Concentrating power in one person, group, or political party allows corruption and abuse of power.

Currently the Senate, Assembly, and governor’s office are controlled by one party. With Governor Walker’s appointment of Rebecca Bradley to the Supreme Court, ALL branches of government are under one party’s control. Walker’s policies and actions as governor have been extremely ideological. There is no reason to believe Walker’s appointment of Bradley to the Supreme Court did not reflect his ideological motivations.

Bradley’s entire judicial experience comes from being appointed to three judicial positions in the last three years by Walker. How beholden is she to his ideology? Can she rule objectively on cases involving the Walker administration? Whatever the answers to these question prove to be, this situation is not good for the necessary checks and balances in a democracy.

Bradley lacks the needed judicial experience. She has been a judge for only three years and on the Supreme Court for five months. Normally experienced judges, not rookies, advance to the Supreme Court. This is another indication that Walker’s appointment was based on ideology and not qualifications. There must have been experienced, conservative, lower court judges available. Why did Walker chose a rookie? Obviously because she had the politically correct ideology and was young enough to be around for a long time.

The financial support for Bradley from business and out-of-state interests is also troubling. Business and political action groups have spent millions trying to influence the last three Supreme Court races. They are pouring money into Bradley’s campaign despite it being “non-partisan” race. Perhaps they expect a good return on investment?

We need an independent Supreme Court. Currently an appeals court judge, Joanne Kloppenburg has more experience and a proven non-partisan record. Wisconsin needs to protect judicial independence. Vote for JoAnne Kloppenburg on April 5.

protect judicial independence by voting for Joanne Kloppenburg on April 5th.