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Jay Kronenwetter brings important issues to the Wausau Mayoral Campaign.

Here are some of them:

Wausau residents have been kept from their own government affairs, in both participation and simple access to policy information.

• Very few people are involved in city planning and policy making.

• Central Wisconsin government bodies have avoided being subject to open records, wage requirements, and public accounting on job creation when using public funds for “economic development” purposes.

• There is insufficient mayoral-oversight of TIF projects, the allocation of taxpayer and other public monies, and the city council’s committee proceedings.

• There is a great need for more living-wage jobs, a consumer-driven economy, and the problem of local income inequality

• There is a great need for adequate, affordable and science-based mental health services for our residents, including services to address our epidemics of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and alcohol addiction and the resulting strain on our criminal justice system.

You can hear him discuss these issues on his website: