Progressives are being heard more than ever, in Wisconsin as well as across the nation.

The first event of this new coalition was held on March 19 in Green Bay with the Progressives Freedom Campaign launched by Scott Wittkopf of Frame 4 the Future.

Other sponsors of the event are Blue Jean Nation, Wisconsin Grassroots Network, Forward Institute and Wisconsin United to Amend.

Progressive Freedom Campaign helps grassroots to organize and communicate effectively.

It seeks to bring Wisconsin progressives together from across the state. The first step is to attend one of the workshops.

The workshop provides strategies to renew community democracy.

Establishment politics and big money have left people and communities behind at a time when real progressive voices need to be heard more than ever.

People need a new political language and new ways to effectively express progressive ideas to their friends, family, and neighbors so we can all work together to create a brighter future.

Real political change starts in communities everywhere with authentic, engaged, passionate people coming together around shared values. Many of you are already involved in your local progressive group. Now you can connect with other grassroots groups of Wisconsin.

The Progressive Freedom Campaign will empower people to communicate a positive, hopeful vision for the future in their local community, effectively countering the politics of fear and division.

You will come away from these sessions with many good results. You will know why a well-framed message is important. You will know what makes an effective message, with the opportunity to develop effective messages in your own community.

These events will give you more organizing and networking opportunities with ongoing resources to make a progressive difference in your community.

No big money, no “party politics,” no establishment co-opting. This is a real, progressive grassroots campaign that puts people and communities over power politics.

Who’s Involved?

Through “Frame for the Future” consulting, (and Forward Institute previously) Scott Wittkopf (George Lakoff protégé) has presented messaging workshops and trainings to hundreds of progressives in Wisconsin. The result of this effort has produced more effective messaging by numerous legislators, campaigns, organizations, and individuals statewide.

The Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN) facilitates and sustains the development and growth of community based grassroots organizations for the purposes of enhancing democracy, justice, and equity for all. WGN provides communication platforms, training, issue education, resources, organizing examples and networking opportunities for urban and rural grassroots organizations, their leadership and members.

Blue Jean Nation (BJN) is working to promote the transformation of democratic institutions that are failing America. BJN seeks to reinvigorate our republic through community outreach, civic education and engagement, grassroots organizing, and public policy advocacy and social action.

Forward Institute is Wisconsin’s first independent, progressive, non-partisan think tank. It is their mission to educate the public through effective communication and messaging on significant public policy issues in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin United to Amend is working on an amendment to get big money out of politics. This is a non-partisan citizens group working to reclaim the liberties and privileges guaranteed in the US Constitution for real people. Sixty-one governments in Wisconsin have already passed a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment.

Grassroots organizing with new messaging and communications strategies to renew community democracy with Scott Wittkopf of Frame4Future.

These events are being held throughout the state.

Here is the schedule for the event.

Noon – 2:00: “Foundations of Effective Messaging with Scott Wittkopf

2:00pm – 3:00pm: “Hands-on Community Messaging Workshop”

3:00 – 4:15: “Community Organizing Strategies


Go to the web site for more information and to register:

Ashland, WI Saturday, April 30 Location TBD

Racine/Kenosha, WI Saturday, April 23 Location TBD

LaCrosse, WI, Sunday, May 1 Location TBA

Wausau, WI Sunday, May 15 Location TBD