Why must we treat all immigrants as though they are criminals? Is there joy to be had making someone else’s life difficult? Recently we saw this in AB 450 and AB 533. Certainly I would never minimize someone’s death, such as Kathryn Steinle’s. Steinle was the victim of a tragic hand gun death at the hands of a homeless man who was, supposedly, deported several times.

Tragic as it is, this is an isolated incident that happened in San Francisco. That example is being used here in Wisconsin to foster fear mongering. Why can’t we appreciate the differences that lie within? Must we always put up barriers? Furthermore, in a time where identification is held at such high standards, we have nixed allowing immigrants to have identification cards! Come on Wisconsin, we can do better!

Recently I was talking with a gentleman who works long and hard hours at a local meat packing plant. He knows his family needs the extra money and yet he worries about the time lost with them. He wants his children to study hard, to better themselves so they don’t have to work as hard as their Dad.  I listened to his hopes and dreams and thanked him for sharing. Our hopes and dreams for our families are all similar. I know that he takes jobs that no one else wants to do, and he works harder at this job to prove his worth. Yet this worker is happy to get up every day to provide for, and make a better life, for his family.

The real crime here is shown in how we unfairly treat others. Let’s step back and look at the whole picture before we point fingers.

So grow Wisconsin – grow and appreciate differences.

(Nancy Stencil is a candidate for the 86th District Assembly Seat. She can be reached at 715-581-7983.)