Rally Cry In Wausau

Around five hundred people took to the 400 Block on Sunday, July 10, to voice their outrage regarding the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. As one of the organizers of this event, I cannot even find the words to say how proud I am of the youth I engaged with. You rock. To the familiar faces I saw, thank you for your ongoing engagement. Thank you to several of our local groups who reach out with information and help. You’ve looked at the adversity in the area and turned it around in a meaningful way. i admire you. On a personal level, thank you to my daughter who stood with me. She understands I had more rights than she now does. We are all in this fight together.

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that affirmed the constitutional right to abortion, forcing immediate trigger bans in some states. Wisconsin’s is now in effect, making abortions illegal unless the procedure is necessary to save a patient’s life, according to Wisconsin Public Radio. Abortion remains legal in Illinois and Minnesota. Soon Michigan voters will weigh in at the polls. Since the protest took place, an executive order was signed by President Joe Biden. It will offer some protections but sadly, it will do little in Wisconsin, and it does not restore abortions in Wisconsin.

Many people thought this day would never come. Many came to express their outrage and the feeling that this was the beginning of more things to come that would further limit rights on same sex marriage as well as gay rights. Many speakers shared their personal stories with the crowd. There was a small group of about ten counter protesters praying at the event. All remained peaceful. Many encouraged demonstrators to vote in upcoming elections to ensure their voices are heard. QR codes were handed out in the crowd ensuring people could register and everyone was encouraged to reach out if they had questions. We are in this fight together. Please vote.

A special thank you to the Wausau Police Department for their understanding and their commitment. You are truly public servants.