Become a Poll Worker

We trust election results because we trust election officials.

In Wisconsin, 1,852 municipal clerks have been trained to administer elections. Some municipalities are large enough to have deputy clerks, who are also trained. Each polling place has multiple election workers who are also trained regarding Wisconsin election laws and must be certified by the municipal clerk. These clerks and poll workers are our friends and neighbors who step up to help with a vital civic process.

Now, a new “army” is being recruited and trained by partisan actors who question the integrity of our friends and neighbors. They want to disrupt the electoral process and sow doubt in the minds of voters so that any outcome they don’t like will be open to challenge. Most people want elections to be carried out in a fair, nonpartisan manner. They trust their neighbors and friends to obey the election laws they were trained to follow. Municipal clerks need our support. Become a poll worker. Go to to find out more and support fair, nonpartisan election administration.