Vote Blue

Whether at the gas pump or supermarket, we are all feeling the impacts of higher prices. While Republicans have pointed fingers at President Biden and Democrats, these attacks are hypocritical and unjustified.

The causes of inflation include the global pandemic and Putin’s war of choice in Ukraine. And while Democrats have been working tirelessly to lower costs for families, Republican politicians have actively voted against solutions.

Trump’s failure to address the pandemic sent our economy into a recession and caused the unemployment rate to surge from 3.8% to 14.8%. In one year, President Biden led a historic economic recovery that supported families and small businesses – including the creation of millions of jobs and Wisconsin’s unemployment rate hitting record lows.

Democrats in Congress passed legislation that will cap insulin at $35, prevent gas companies from price gouging, and lower the costs of fuel and groceries – all without support from Wisconsin GOP Representatives Steil, Fitzgerald, Grothman, Tiffany, and Gallagher. And Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who coordinates the Republican effort to retake the Senate, has put forward an agenda that could raise taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites and sunset Social Security and Medicare.

The effects of higher prices today would pale in comparison to the catastrophic impact the elimination of these programs would have on millions of Americans.

We all know that lowering prices is essential, which is why we must elect Democrats who are willing to find answers – as opposed to Republicans who block solutions for political gain.