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Neighborhood Investment Program is meant to fund needs, not wants

The Economic Development Committee (EDC) has told the city of Wausau that it has applied for $10.5 million from the Neighborhood Investment Program to fund a pretty pedestrian bridge in Wausau’s Opportunity Zone (WOZ) "vision” for the redevelopment of the former Wausau Center Mall.


Philip Anderson has been working with Duluth, MN activists to organize events for the week of Tax Day. They are planning a teach-in, a rally, and have created the following survey to show REAL people's public spending priorities. Please take the online survey!  It is important that many people take the survey. This will be the message for the April 15 rally.  Congress is doing this.... but people want better priorities! "How would you spend $1 trillion?” www.surveymonkey.com/s/V5LYJQK  Please pass this survey on to your contacts.  Everyone loves to hate taxes but the truth is taxes are good. Taxes are the way we come together as citizens ...

Options for Budget Solutions

Wisconsin Republicans claim that the state is broke and they have to make “hard choices” to balance the budget. They have no choice but to cut school funding and other social programs. Whenever I hear someone say we have no options, I get suspicious. Either they don’t want to see options or they lack the ability to see alternatives. There are always options. Better, more creative leadership would “think outside the box” and provide a range of options to solve problems. If the Republicans would take off the ideological blinders they might see some of them. May I suggest a few budget options? Collect unpaid taxes from the deadbeats! ...