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Hot Evaluation

Let’s look at the results generated from the first 6 months of the latest version of Wausau’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), presented to the City’s Public Health and Safety Committee recently.   This is based on their assumption there are 30-50 unhoused Wausonians. 20 have been engaged with by their outreach specialist. Of those twenty, four have been “successfully housed”. That would mean 25% of the people engaged with found a place while only 13% of all unhoused did, using the number 30. There is no mention of the number of engagements with clients. There is no information about how long their clients have ...

Fear Mongering and Hate Will Divide Communities

If you are truly for equality, let's disband all the County Board Committees that include non -elected citizens, or keep them all. If you truly think we don’t need to deliberately nurture relationships between races, faiths, ethnicities, and gender identities because we’re “all good” in Marathon County, then you should be really surprised and angered that a rabid segregationist has come out publicly spewing his fear mongering and hate that brutally divides our community. If you honestly believe someone should have the right tool for the right job to accomplish a task successfully then you shouldn’t have a problem with equity.  I am ...

Wisconsin Poor People’s Campaign stands with the people of Wausau to demand clean water

Last week, residents of Wausau found that every single drinking water well in their municipal water system revealed higher levels of PFAS...than recommended by proposed state thresholds for these chemicals.

Want a shovel ready project? Clear the sidewalks!

I am trying to understand why the city of Wausau has forced us to navigate poorly cleared sidewalks along Grand Avenue.

Vigil to be held for Wausau’s homeless

The Northcentral Chapter of Wisconsin Poor People’s Campaign is holding Wausau’s first Vigil for the Unhoused on the day that has the longest night of the year, December 21st, starting at 2:30 p.m.on the 400 block.

City of Wausau should rethink bonuses

Knowingly or not, this suggestion represents anti-worker practice and hurts the public.

Neighborhood Investment Program is meant to fund needs, not wants

The Economic Development Committee (EDC) has told the city of Wausau that it has applied for $10.5 million from the Neighborhood Investment Program to fund a pretty pedestrian bridge in Wausau’s Opportunity Zone (WOZ) "vision” for the redevelopment of the former Wausau Center Mall.

Women’s reproductive health under fire from an unjust system

Eight million women are uninsured as they face the "Medicaid gap" when their income is too high for Medicaid and too low to purchase healthcare through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Wausau school board can still do right by workers, parents and students

The school board should consider the impact of legal action on peoples’ perception of the board after being given so many opportunities to do the right thing.

Environmental and social justice resolutions needed for Wausau

Why are we now seeing a surge of calls for acknowledgement and justice for marginalized and underrepresented groups in our community? Business as usual has failed them and we won’t be silent anymore. What’s best for business and the Chamber of Commerce hasn’t trickled down to poor, low income, working class, and people of color. The economic success and cultural dominance of the top one percent hasn’t created a community of love, empathy, and understanding for all. The heart of gold image of the Chamber is tarnished by it’s generous contributions to politicians to support an undemocratic filibuster that limits voting rights and blocks ...