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The power of a general strike

Happy Labor Day! This is actually a happy day for labor.

Our working class heroes deserve financial stability

We lived in the community built by Mr. D.C. Everest. I saw first hand how great jobs with good health and retirement benefits can raise families out of poverty. But life wasn’t always so easy.

Ruminations of a former wage slave

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.6 million workers – or 1.9% of all hourly wage, non-self-employed workers – earned wages at or below the federal minimum wage in 2019.

Why I Am a Union Member in Retirement

During my working life, the only “good” jobs I have had were union represented.


WISCONSIN’S RANKING FOR SMALL BUSINESSES By Joyce Luedke DO YOU KNOW? June of 2015 in the latest Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation survey. ***The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship , respected around the world, focuses on education and small business start-ups.  See page 10 for rankings and page 67 for Wisconsin’s profile. *** Wisconsin’s job creation ranking in the nation fell from 31st in December, 2014, to 38th in March*** Wisconsin’s ranking for small business start-ups dropped from 45th in 2014 to 50th in, 2015. *** Wisconsin lags the nation: 2.3% job creation in the US versus 1.16% for Wisconsin in 2014.  Wisconsin trails ...

Unions: The Real Homeland Security

Americans are obsessed with national security. Over half of the national budget is spent on defense. The Department of Homeland Security has brought us the biggest bureaucracy in the history of human kind. But for most of us real security is a job with a future, a family supporting wage, affordable healthcare, affordable housing, and a secure retirement. Family supporting jobs are on the decline. Average workers are being paid less when adjusted for inflation. Homelessness is on the rise. Workers in their 20's are especially insecure with high costs of schooling, student loan debt, poor job prospects, and continuing high housing costs. Secure ...

Dean Einerson’s Speech to Wisconsin Jobs Now Workers Before the Strike

Wausau, WI Labor Temple September 4, 2014 It is really good to be here in Wausau again. It is good to be here because it is always good to be around brave people. It is good to be here because the brave workers in Wausau are showing the rest of the North Woods what all of us need to do to get ahead. It is good to be here because there are workers in 130 cities and 35 countries on strike today for $15 and a union and that is very, very good. In the fall of 2012 there were a couple of hundred workers on strike. Last May there were strikes in over 100 cities, over 20 countries, and 6 continents. (The penguins in Antarctica haven’t started ...

Randy Radtke’s Speech to Wisconsin Jobs Now Workers Following the Strike

Wausau WI Labor Temple September 4, 2014 Let's give a round of applause for the workers going out on strike today, they are the real heroes. It shows that if we unite together, change will happen. There are many cities that have raised the minimum wage already because of this movement. Our own Jessy West recently won a judgment against Lee’s Famous Recipe as a result of the Wausau Fast Food Workers Strike back in May. Governor Scott Walker keeps talking about how anyone who needs a job can get a job. The problem with this is that workers often hold three – and if there were more hours in a day many of our people would work four – of the ...

Walker Squanders Public Dollars, Perpetuates Job Creation Myth

The 7-23-14 Marquette Law School Poll shows that 51% of Wisconsin voters hold a mistaken impression on job creation: 9% of voters say Wisconsin is creating jobs faster than other states, 42% say Wisconsin is creating jobs at about the same rate as other states. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports results of the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages -- the government's most reliable source of employment data and the one Walker endorsed as the authoritative measure of job trends at the state level -- as follows: Instead of 250,000 new private-sector jobs, as Walker promised, the state is on pace for less than half that many in ...

Outsourcing Superior

The decline of good jobs has been the defining feature of our economy for some time. The results have been disastrous for working families and the economy as a whole. The trend is continuing in Superior, only this time it is our public employers killing jobs. UW-Superior is planning to outsource the custodians and grounds maintenance staff to a for-profit company. These jobs have always been state civil service jobs. They were usually full time, paid modest wages, but had good benefits. The 26 affected employees only average about $12 per hour. The community reacted to this plan with strong opposition. Hundreds of letters and thousands of emails ...