Planet Earth from a distance of 4 billion miles. Photo by Voyager I. Source: NASA/JPL Feb. 1990 (Just below middle of page in orange/brown color band on right)

Imagine we had a magic wand we could simply wave to solve humanity’s problems and make the world work for everyone. We could assess all of the human activities occurring around the Earth, decide if they were beneficial or harmful to the health of people and the planet, and use the wand to end bad activities and initiate good ones. Simple. So, what might we do if we had such a wand:

  • The use of fossil fuels to produce energy. . . Wave the wand – Gone!
  • The use of solar, wind, and other alternatives to produce our energy. . . Wave the wand – Done!
  • The use of the internal combustion engine for transportation. . . Gone!
  • The electrification of all transportation. . . Done!
  • Nuclear weapons. . . Gone!
  • All forms of war. . . Gone!
  • Eliminate hunger. . . Done!
  • Adequately house and clothe everyone. . . Done!
  • Provide healthcare for all humans. . . Done!
  • End the pollution of our oceans with plastics and other wastes. . . Done!
  • End the pollution of our rivers and ground waters. . . Done!
  • Provide an excellent fact and science-based education for all humans. . . Done!
  • And the list goes on. . .

Now, let us leave the world of fantasy and look seriously at the above potential actions. Not a single one of them could not be accomplished in the next ten to twenty years. We have the physical resources, the manpower, the existing technology, and the knowledge to accomplish each and every one of these goals. All that prevents us from doing so are irrational manmade obstacles.

Mindless political ideology, flawed economic “doctrines,” deliberately perpetuated mistrust and hatred of “others,” and perhaps more than anything else, the insatiable greed of the super wealthy and corporations, continue to lead us down the path of needless self-destruction. We don’t need a miraculous magic wand to save ourselves. We need to see ourselves as fellow passengers and crew members aboard a miraculous Spaceship Earth.

Humanity truly does face a “war” at this moment in our evolution, and it may likely determine whether we are seen as fit for continuance in the Universal scheme of things. Climate change, the ever-growing threat of global nuclear holocaust, and our own irrational thinking are the greatest war we have ever faced. And it is all unnecessary. The obvious and realistic “magic wand” solutions await our employment.

There is remarkable work already being done that can help lead us toward Universal success. The United Nation’s GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT OUTLOOK 6 (GEO6) report is an extraordinary body of work presenting realistic and applicable solutions that we as “Citizens of the World” can and must embrace.

This short video introduces the work now underway at the UN:

Please take the time to look at the UN GEO6 report. For the future of ourselves, our children, and their children, we must act. We must see ourselves for what we are – Citizens of the World:

The Interactive Global Environment:

The report:

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