April 2 is Spring Election Day in Wisconsin. Important races are being held in state, county, municipal, School Board and other areas.

Voter turnout for this type of election is often very low. Please remember to add your voice by voting.

An extremely important statewide race on April 2 is the seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Voters will elect the next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, replacing retiring Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

Why is this race so important? There are many lawsuits that may ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, including:

  1. The Legislature’s Lame Duck Power Grab designed to limit the power of the Governor and Attorney General.
  2. Redistricting following the 2020 Census, given that the maps will almost certainly end up in the courts.
  3. More potential litigation over Walker’s Labor Laws.
  4. The debate over the Foxconn incentive packages.
  5. Other important cases relating to education funding, malpractice limits and corporate taxation.

The two candidates for this important position are District II Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer, the chief appeals judge for the state and Brian Hagedorn, Scott Walker’s former chief legal counsel.

Let us make sure that a reasonable and fair judge is elected to the Supreme Court.

Do you want to vote absentee? Go to for information on absentee voting, which can be done either by mail or in person. You can simply call your municipal clerk for the specifics of absentee voting where you vote.