Why Women Should Support Women (written by a MAN!)

  • Women Supporting Women

It’s amazing that in 2014 we’re still fighting over equality for WOMEN.

Equal pay for women is an example. This seems like a simple issue of fairness and family values. Women do make less than men for the same work. Women are the primary breadwinners in many families. Yet Gov. Walker ended the state equal pay law. This week the Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked DEBATE on the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have helped women fight unequal pay.

But it doesn’t stop with pay. Opposition to health care reform impacts women more than men. So do attacks on voting rights. Roadblocks to unionization hurt women more than men. Sick leave, living wages, and affordable child care are issues ignored because they impact primarily women.

Conservative, usually Republican, males have seldom done anything good for women. So why do women vote for them? 

Why do women continue to allow old, white men to run their lives?

Women should vote their self-interest by voting for women who support equality and fairness.

Women are only 25% of the Wisconsin Legislature and only 18.5% of Congress. Yet, women are 50% of voters. They can change this disparity.

This year:

All of these candidates support women’s rights. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you do, too, then it’s time for you to support these women running for public office.