Santa Fe, New Mexico is a city of roughly 70,000 people. They have just won a major victory in overcoming the parasitic bonds of the Wall Street banking cartel. Rather than continuing to live in endless debt servitude to wealthy predators, the people of Santa Fe are choosing to invest in themselves. City wealth and capital will be placed in a community owned bank and interest on investments will be returned to the people. Millions of dollars in public funds that would have gone to Wall Street will now be used to improve life for the citizens of Santa Fe.

The Wausau metropolitan area has about 70,000 people. Marathon County has a population of about 135,000. A Marathon County Public Bank would be a huge step in keeping our money local, in keeping our wealth working for us rather than the Wall Street casino and rich financial manipulators.

The latest email blast from Banking on New Mexico:


We Did It!
City Council Votes  
to Set Up a
Public Bank
Task Forcehttps://gallery.mailchimp.com/bc79ea5c5d2c28af4487d94c3/images/a1a2f641-f5a4-450f-ac75-4049b2020666.gif
  Four and a half years after Craig Barnes suggested our best point of leverage for systemic change was the banking industry, we now have a milestone victory to celebrate. The next step we need toward a public bank is the task force that was approved unanimously by the City Council tonight! PLEASE THANK EACH IN AN EMAIL.Mayor Gonzales and the City Council have 60 days to appoint a task force of nine members. During the six-month period in which they will address questions about capitalization, governance, bank purpose, etc., there will be two public meetings for reporting on their progress and getting public input.When the task force completes their research and makes a recommendation to the City Council, councilors will then make a well-informed decision about proceeding toward a bank charter.

There will be more work for advocates in the remainder of this year, and we’ll keep you informed.

For now, let’s all celebrate https://gallery.mailchimp.com/bc79ea5c5d2c28af4487d94c3/images/3ff08b04-bc93-44f0-a42d-546db6ff2dc9.gif
thank one another for work well done!!


More details in our next eblast and on our website: BankingOnNewMexico.org

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