To the Superintendent and the Board of Education From a School Board Candidate

Why are you creating this overwhelming, revolutionary change in our community schools?

Your now definitive, solidified decision will create some unbearable changes for families as well as the communities here.  You have given us Door Number One of your solution.  Where is Door Number Two and Door Number Three?


Have you considered other solutions?


  1. Change the boundaries.  East and West would have a balance of approximately 1400 students.  Eau Claire (which formerly used rivers as boundaries) has had to change boundaries a few times because of imbalance from Memorial to North.  This was NOT a big deal.  And at this time, the district has purchased land for a possible 3rd high school.  And our board here has decided to shrink to one very large school.


  1. Enhance the curriculum at both high schools as the directors of secondary schools have advocated for one high school.  Keep the mod and traditional scheduling for more choice for the students, but since the board feels that the east side is “mediocre,” then, add courses and opportunities for both schools.


  1. For savings sake and if it is needed, merge a couple of the very low enrollment elementary schools.


This very simple, obvious solution is a win/win situation for the following reasons:


  1. Students will continue to have neighborhood school which provide them a stabilized environment in which to learn plus a neighborhood center for afterschool activities within walking distance.


  1. With balanced secondary schools, every student will have an opportunity to participate in choir, athletics, music, theatre and art programs. This means EVERY student can participate, not just the stars.


  1. Bussing:  students will not have up to the 90 min bus rides to travel to school every day.  Bus time is not effective use of students’ daily schedule. This will save students from longer wait times and proposed transfer stations where again, students will have to wait for another bus to arrive and take them to their final destination.


  1. The school district will save immensely (at last 500k per year) from busing students from one end of town to another.


  1. Keeping the present school alignment (9 through 12, 6-8, k-5), students become more bonded with their schools, instead of switching buildings more frequently.
  2. Balancing East/West high schools means that no additional referendum is needed to construct proposed 3 story expansion to West to accommodate East students. Plus present empty rooms at East will be utilized.



Schools are about kids and their very important education.  Let’s make Wausau schools again about students, not about the desires of the  superintendent and board members.