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We’re Taking All Wisconsin Anti-Mask School Boards to Court

We’ve got some news that will affect most every person in Wisconsin, and will hopefully set legal precedent in other states as well to protect kids and their families.

Homeschool is a better option for some parents and children

Entering the 2021/2022 school year, many families are once again choosing to homeschool their children for the foreseeable future. With the Delta variant surging around the country, and numerous lawmakers and school districts failing to mandate masks or vaccination for staff and students, parents are understandably concerned for the safety of their family. Many of us have family members at risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19, or have children who are too young to be vaccinated. I think most parents will agree that last year didn’t go so great. Whether it was attempting remote learning or delving into curricula on our own, we had a litany ...

Wausau school board can still do right by workers, parents and students

The school board should consider the impact of legal action on peoples’ perception of the board after being given so many opportunities to do the right thing.