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Moving Forward in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the chauvinistic, conservative – and I would add racist – voice of the Republican legislature is obstructing just about everything good for people. A number of “clearly common sense” actions are being blocked or ignored by political leadership who – as Jimmy Carter once said about Republicans – “are men of narrow vision, who are afraid of the future.”


ALL REAL POWER RESIDES IN THE PEOPLE (A Closer Look at Wisconsin Civil Service) By William Franks, Jr. AFT-W Local 4848 Retiree, Emeritus Chief Steward and former Equal Opportunity Specialist of Senior Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Senator Fred Risser’s (The Dean of Wisconsin Legislators) grandfather, Ernie Warner, introduced the legislation in 1905 responsible for creating what we now refer to as the Wisconsin Civil Service System. Warner was a Republican Lafollette Progressive. As I listened to Senator Risser’s interview on Wisconsin Public Radio, he reminded us of the reasons the Progressives, the Liberals of their day, ...

ON THE BOOKSHELVES….BLUE JEANS IN HIGH PLACES – The Coming Makeover of American Politics

The best book to read this post-election is BLUE JEANS IN HIGH PLACES, The Coming Makeover of American Politics by Mike McCabe. In this book, McCabe offers a plan to re-invent our political system to represent the people. For the past 15 years, Mike, Director and founder of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, has been following the money in American politics. He writes from experience and with sound evidence. His writing (like his speeches) is refreshing and encouraging. We the people are not as hopelessly divided as we think. However, we are numb when it comes to the moral decay of our democracy. McCabe does a very good job of explaining our present ...