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Enbridge threatens Lake Superior

Line 3 was routed out of Canada and into the water-rich 1855 Treaty Territory after Enbridge achieved what is known as “regulatory capture.

It is not too late to halt Line 3 for health.

The Anishinaabe peoples are one group who will be negatively impacted. Their tribal lands and livelihoods are threatened.

Protect Lake Superior

A message from the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin about Embridge Line 5 and Lake Superior and associated watersheds.

Keeping pests away doesn’t have to be toxic

Several summers ago, I developed a recipe for a skin-friendly bug repellent I named Vamp Away. It is designed to repel ticks and mosquitos mainly, but with a few modifications, it can also be quite effective at repelling fleas and gnats.

Digging Holes and Thinking Outside the Pipe

As a nation we have dug ourselves into many holes. We may have thought we were digging foundations for progress, jobs, and economic growth.