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Wausau going big on solar energy should excite those who love nature

As a homeowner myself, there was something in their desire to preserve “hearth and home” that at first struck an empathetic chord.

Growing old forests

Northern Wisconsin was once covered with extensive old growth forests.

Are forests only commodities?

Everywhere we go we see the scars of logging in our county and state forests.

It is not too late to halt Line 3 for health.

The Anishinaabe peoples are one group who will be negatively impacted. Their tribal lands and livelihoods are threatened.

Kohler’s disrespect of indigenous people is par for the course

Ancestral remains were found in seven locations, and we won’t know if additional remains will be disturbed until the bulldozers begin razing the old-growth forest. The property has at least four burial mounds and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.