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Help Pollinators By Collecting Wild Common Milkweed Seedpods In Select Central Sands-Area Counties

The DNR seeks donations of mature milkweed seedpods from select Wisconsin counties to aid plantings on state prairies.

Kohler’s disrespect of indigenous people is par for the course

Ancestral remains were found in seven locations, and we won’t know if additional remains will be disturbed until the bulldozers begin razing the old-growth forest. The property has at least four burial mounds and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Reimagine waste: From trash to energy

When I say that we can power our cities off of the garbage they produce, you might think that I am referring to the practice of burning garbage. That is not the sole focus of this article, but I feel like it is something that should be discussed.

Reimagine waste: Creative perspectives

Following Earth Week, the 51st Earth Day, and my 45th birthday, I had an idea for a series of articles that we are launching this week, called “reimagine waste.”

Contaminated brownfields: how did it come to this in America?

The business is long gone, the buildings removed but the aftermath is not.  Left behind is a “brownfield,” a nice word for a site contaminated with deadly poisons, and no one left to pay for clean-up if that’s even possible. And what to do with it once it is cleaned up? Another industrial site, another fence line community in the poorer part of town where the people of color live. There are thousands of brownfields all over America. How did it come to this? No one intended to damage the Earth and make humans sick. We blundered into it.

America the Beautiful

The same short-sighted, profit-centered thinking that opposed creating the National Parks hinders creating the “good change” we need today.


Clean Green Action (CGA) is beginning its ninth year of working on projects that focus on sustainability and reducing impact on the environment. In 2015 we continued to build on successes in previous years, and in 2016 we will maintain some past projects while adding some new projects. Continuing projects include the following: Choose to Reuse – This event, which is organized by different area townships (e.g. Rome, Grant, Grand Rapids, Saratoga, Seneca), allows people to drop off useful items for others to have for free. Check with your local township for dates. Recycling Rangers – This activity will continue to provide recycling contai...


FARMS NOT FACTORIES By Joyce Luedke (This letter was written to Mr. Bill Clark, Environmental Review Supervisor, DNR Service Center, 810 W. Maple Street, Spooner, WI 54801) Re: Proposed Badgerwood LLC Swine CAFO in Bayfield County—Comments on EIS Scoping Dear Mr. Clark: “We offer these comments on the scope of the Badgerwood swine CAFO Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to ensure that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) independently, thoroughly credibly evaluates the Badgerwood proposal.  As you know, we had requested the DNR to undertake an EIS. We greatly appreciate that it will do so.  We ask that you adopt our ...


ACTION NEEDED ON CLIMATE CHANGE By Rev. Janet Wolfe Pope Francis issued his encyclical in June encouraging us to take action now on climate change. Then the Environmental Protection Agency issued its Clean Air Plan last week. Both of these are important to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the biggest contributor to global warming. Protecting the environment should not be a partisan issue, because it is extremely important for the future of the planet, for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Ninety seven percent of scientists believe that climate change is at least in part human caused. One of the major contributors is ...


There was a time when man took no more Than he needed. That time is gone…. There was a time when he gave something back. That time is gone…. There was a time when he worshipped the creator And honored creation. That time too is gone… Now the waters are polluted. Our natural resources are all but gone And creation is dying… It is time… To find our way back to the earth. --Kevin Thunderhorse Wright   It is easy on warm sunny days to find my way back to the earth. Spring flowers are blooming. Lettuce planted last November has sprouted. Rhubarb plants are pushing through the soil. I grew up in Wisconsin and took our natural ...