Supreme Court Elections

Day in and day out, our lives are impacted by decisions made by our state Supreme Court. Now, we get a say in making that court work for us. The only way to ensure that the Wisconsin Supreme Court does its job and represents our communities is to make our voices heard in the upcoming judicial elections. Please vote in the primary election on February 21, and the general election on April 4.

You might be seeing ads or reading stories about the political balance of our state Supreme Court. But this election is about more than just politics, it’s about the problems Wisconsin families face every day.

Our state Supreme Court may have the final say on critical issues like education funding, access to health care, worker protections, neighborhood safety, and the quality of our air and water. This is why it is necessary that we elect advocates who will protect the rights and freedoms of all Wisconsinites.

For me as a resident of Marathon County, I know firsthand that Wisconsinites care. We care about our freedoms. We care about our children’s futures. We care about the right to choose and bodily autonomy. We want fairness in our state. Stand with me and prove it by voting in the Spring elections.

Wisconsinites have the power to decide our state’s future. We decide who will fill all open judicial seats including at the top of our state judiciary. But if we fail to vote, we give up that power.

For the sake of my family and community and those of all Wisconsinites, I will be voting in both the primary and general Supreme Court elections. I urge you to do the same.