So you think it’s bad in Texas…

So, you think the recent rulings in Texas are crushing to Roe v. Wade? Are you aware there is a 172-year-old law in Wisconsin that would again become the law if Roe v Wade were taken away? One hundred and seventy-two years… why that is 70 years before women got the right to vote!

Despite attempts to take the law off the books once and for good, it continues to be shot down and remains on the books. This law states that a woman seeking an abortion can be fined $10,000.00 and be imprisoned for up to six years. There are no exceptions in this bill for incest or rape.

The Wisconsin legislature attempted to take this one step further. Robin Vos, speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, authored AB593. The bill included requiring information to be made to women on an abortion inducing drug regimen. Not bad you say? It goes further; how about having to disclose how the abortion is being paid for, how many abortions the women has had, and why she wants to have one? I ask you, where is the dignity of this person considered? This is truly draconian and a source of harassment. Furthermore, would this be accessible by an open records law? Thank goodness Governor Evers vetoed this! Your legislators should have been working for you and I to remove this old law.

The current 20-week abortion ban that is now law in Wisconsin already makes it difficult for those with limited means. Many clinics have closed, making for a much longer trip to access any care, including well woman care. There is the increased cost of the required ultrasound. The 24 hour waiting period that necessitates a hotel stay. Compounding those barriers, what if a person does not have a reliable vehicle? What if she doesn’t have childcare? It truly limits who has access to any care.

It is important to keep in mind that these are the same people who are pushing to limit all reproductive rights. Down the tubes (no pun intended) goes your rights to accessing birth control as well as needed cancer screenings, reproductive screenings, and mammograms. This goes when Roe v. Wade goes. Roe v. Wade could be voted on by July of 2022.

Roe v. Wade has been with us for roughly 50 years. It has been an essential part of women’s fundamental rights. Abortion is a very personal and private decision. Regardless of where your personal feelings lay, please look at the broader picture. Think of what life was like before Roe v. Wade. The protection of democracy is the protection of women’s rights for the next generation. We need to ask ourselves what is the motive behind controlling women’s bodies?