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By Blue Jean Nation and Mike McCabe

Blue Jean Nation will be conducting a workshop called “Shoestring Politics: How to Win Without Being Rich or Mortgaging Your Soul” on Saturday, November 7 from 1 to 4 p.m. in Madison at the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups headquarters at 2850 World Dairy Drive ( map ).

If you are active in a cause, advocating for an issue, engaged in grassroots activism, thinking of running for office or looking to help someone run for office, this workshop is for you.

It is geared to building understanding of the Citizens United world and how to fight unconventionally on today’s political battlefield. Find out:

  • What’s more powerful than money
  • What’s even more important than a good message
  • The one asset anyone campaigning on a shoestring absolutely must have
  • What ingredients can be substituted for substantial sums of money in a recipe for a winning campaign
  • What you can afford to scrimp on and what to do while your opponents are burning through cash
  • How to practice the jiu-jitsu of shoestring politics

For information and a registration form, contact Blue Jean Nation ( , 608-443-6086skypec2c://r/204608-443-6086