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By Joyce Luedke

(This letter was written to Mr. Bill Clark, Environmental Review Supervisor, DNR Service Center, 810 W. Maple Street, Spooner, WI 54801)

Re: Proposed Badgerwood LLC Swine CAFO in Bayfield County—Comments on EIS Scoping

Dear Mr. Clark:

“We offer these comments on the scope of the Badgerwood swine CAFO Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to ensure that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) independently, thoroughly credibly evaluates the Badgerwood proposal.  As you know, we had requested the DNR to undertake an EIS. We greatly appreciate that it will do so.  We ask that you adopt our recommendations.”   Farms Not Factories Newsletter

I grew up in Maple in northern Wisconsin.  The breathless beauty of Lake Superior and the surrounding area brings peace to one’s soul.  The beauty reminds us of a loving and wise Creator who knows we all must have pristine areas to explore, hike, fish, hunt, ski, camp, bike, and rest.

The wise Creator knows we need to touch the earth, to breathe the crystal clear air, to cherish the replenishing drinking water from our wells, to dabble our toes in clear streams and rivers.

The wise Creator put Lake Superior, the Gem of the Earth, in our own backyard as a gift to past, present, and future generations.No CAFO Sign

We all need areas and times of solitude to listen to the birds who lighten our heart; to bask in the sunshine while sitting on a beach or under a tree; to gaze at the stars and moon on a crystal clear night; to fill our hearts and souls with the wonder of what we have been given

The wise Creator gave us a mission:  Sustain and cherish the earth for future generations.  Each time I share the beauty of Lake Superior and the surrounding area with my loved ones, I am in awe of the gift we have.  This gift must remain unspoiled for all to treasure.

In conclusion, I ask that the EIS adhere to the following mission statement,

“To protect and enhance our natural resources: our air, land, and water; our wildlife and forests and the ecosystems that sustain all life.  To provide a healthy, sustainable environment, and a full range of outdoor opportunities.  To ensure the right of all people to use and enjoy these resources in their work and leisure. To work with people to understand each other’s views and to carry out the public will.  And in this partnership consider the future and the generations to follow.”  Please adhere to the creed.

Reject any political influence that could lead you to conclusions other than those supported by fact. Reject the influence of lobbyists. If ever there was a time to remain strong, it is now and here.” (from Farms Not Factories Newsletter)

Very best regards, Joyce Luedke