We once again witness the “Parade, the Charade, of Charlatans” (the PCC). Another “Brilliant Batch of Politicians” (the BBP) threaten to shut the US Government down over the “debt ceiling.” “America has overspent! Something must be cut!”

The next paragraph is technical. Try to stay awake. This has a huge impact on your life, whether you know it or not.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 of the US Constitution says:

[The Congress shall have the Power] To coin Money and regulate the Value thereof

In other words – the US Government is the creator, the source, of the nation’s money. The US Supreme Court has stated this includes all forms of money – coin, paper, electronic or digital. Elsewhere in the Constitution, States or individuals are forbidden from creating money. For either to do so would be counterfeiting, subject to severe penalties and imprisonment.

Now, repeat out loud – very loud – “Our Federal Government is the only entity Constitutionally authorized to create and supply the nation’s money.” Say it again! Let it sink in!

Next, ask yourself out loud – very loud – “If the Federal Government is the Constitutionally authorized creator and supplier of the nation’s money, how can it run out of money?!” How can it have no money of its own?! Ask yourself! Again!

This Constitutional stuff obviously presents quandaries . . .

Somehow (it’s a mystery) we all “know” the Federal Government has no money of its own and depends on our taxes to spend, so we can only assume someone has been counterfeiting the money we use to pay our taxes for a few centuries now. Seems obvious.

We all “know” our Federal Government has no money of its own and has borrowed our great, great grandkids into permanent debt with yearly interest in the gazillions. So, one can only assume someone has been counterfeiting the money the banks and others have been “lending” to the government for centuries. Seems obvious. Where else would the money come from?

We all “know” our Federal Government has no money of its own, is deeply in debt, and can’t afford healthcare, infrastructure repair, affordable housing, alternative energies, education, childcare, nursing home care, or anything else to help the average working people of America. So apparently the roughly one trillion dollars our BBP (try to remember – Brilliant Batch of Politicians) approves almost unanimously each year for “defense” is all counterfeit money mysteriously appearing out of nowhere. Seems obvious. (A curious aside – it has now been scientifically proven that lemmings are lured in mass into jumping off cliffs to their own – and everyone else’s – doom by the irresistible scent of counterfeit money. Another mystery – experts are working on it.)

And here’s the real kicker! We all “know” our Federal Government has no money of its own and the BBP conducting the PCC (for Heaven’s sake remember – the Parade, the Charade, of Charlatans) is telling us the “debt ceiling” has once again been hit. There simply isn’t enough counterfeit money available for the nation to go on without cutting something. We all “know” it’s those decrepit seniors (confession – I’m one of them) and poor folks on social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food assistance who are sucking up all the nation’s counterfeit money. These old and poor folks need to either “move on” or get a job rounding up shopping carts for America’s Favorite Retailer. Legislators can’t let the old and poor wreck the country. Seems obvious. Oh, but wait! Did you catch that?! The irresistible scent of counterfeit money is emanating from Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics . . . Where’s the cliff??!!

How much longer are we average Americans going to be duped into believing our Federal Government has no money of its own? How much longer are we going to believe our taxes pay for Federal Government spending rather the realizing that Federal Government spending creates the money we use to pay our taxes? How much longer are we going to believe in the congressional ignorance and stupidity of the “debt ceiling?” Perhaps most importantly, how much longer are we going to allow the US Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed), totally controlled by private Wall Street Banks, to steal the Constitutionally mandated money creation powers from the public domain of the US Government and Treasury?

The Fed will be covered in “Seems Obvious – Part Two” (but remember – I’m a decrepit senior so it’s sort of day to day – seems obvious).