Rocky Balboa Political Types

  • Rocky the boxer

A letter to the editor

Rocky Balboa political types appear attractive in Wisconsin these days. Portraying themselves as a fighter makes a winner. Voters appear not interested in the details such as who and what the fight is for, and how it will affect me. Adam Jarchow, our current assembly representative, fought hard against Polk County’s efforts to improve and preserve our lakes. Had he won, the result would have been deteriorating lake water quality producing lower property values and increased taxes for some. Water quality deterioration lowers property values and taxes. Those tax losses get collected from other taxpayers in the county – you and me.

Into the current mega-corporate corridors of our capital comes Mr. Jarchow, with his name on the first assembly bill-AB1. This is an education funding and accountability bill. Let’s look beyond the face of this bill and discover who the fighting is for and who will benefit. The Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) and other organizations state this bill would further defund our public schools while benefiting more expensive non-public schools. Put another way, Scott Walker’s fabled tools bag is empty. Our taxes are going up while your dollars get hi-jacked to fund for-profit corporate schools. WHY? Because Adam Jarchow’s AB1 will continue to increase the number of more expensive non-public schools that receive funding AHEAD of public schools. WHY? Because Jarchow’s predecessor, Eric Severson, and current senator Harsdorf voted two years ago (Act 20) to have non-public schools receive funding BEFORE, I repeat BEFORE, public schools. Public schools now get funding left-overs. Wake up parents!

All of us need to be aware of skillful politicians who are capable of influencing us to vote against our own best interests. Skilled politicians looking to divide us can even convince some that teachers are selfish and bad people who are responsible for every student who doesn’t do well in school. It is well known the desire to learn comes early within families, while teachers have varying influence during school years.

AB1 requires punitive measures that include converting more public schools to non-public or corporate schools as a solution. WASB states no data supports that as a correction method. Jarchow’s bill goes against our best interests and our kids, raises our taxes, and increases corporate profits. Rocky fought for the love of his life-Adrian. Who are Adam Jarchow and our legislators fighting for?

Jerry Viebrock is the Vice-Chair of the Polk County Democratic Party