Clean Green Action lists 2015 Projects

  • River Bridge

Clean Green Action (formerly known as Citizens for a Clean, Green & Welcoming Community) is beginniing its eighth year of working on projects that focus on sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. In 2014 we continued to build on successes in previous years, and in 2015 we will maintain some past projects while adding some new projects.

Continuing projects include the following:

  • Choose to Reuse – This event, which is organized by different area townships (e.g. Rome, Grant, Grand Rapids, Saratoga, Seneca), allows people to drop off useful items for others to have for free. Check with your local township for dates.
  • Recycling Rangers – This activity will continue to provide recycling containers and volunteers at local community events.
  • Sustainable Wisconsin Rapids – This involves working with Wisconsin Rapids officials to move the city towards becoming a sustainable community. Look for opportunities in the near future to get involved with the Mayor’s Sustainability Council.
  • Green Map – Sustainable businesses, parks/green spaces, and other organizations can be found on the Central Wisconsin Green Map, a web-based interactive map that uses the universal Green Map icons to highlight the ecological, social, cultural, and sustainable resources of central Wisconsin. This mapping system helps central Wisconsin visitors and residents to discover and locate the area’s sustainable assets. Check it out at and support your local sustainable businesses.
  • Earth Care Booklet – This booklet contains information on items to recycle, energy saving tips, buying locally, and money saving options with respect to food and transportation. To review the electronic version of this booklet, go to the Clean Green Wisconsin Rapids Area Facebook page at
  • Bird City – The Bird City designation for Wisconsin Rapids was renewed with a June event at Lake Wazeecha in conjuntion with the Kiwanis Youth Outdoor Day. More events are planned for 2015.
  • Highway Pickup – Our adopted stretch of highway is cleaned up twice each year so our group can walk the talk in a very public and noticeable way.
  • Chicken Ordinance – We were successful in 2014 in getting the City of Wisconsin Rapids to approve an ordinance that allows city residents to raise chickens. If you live in the city and wish to raise chickens, contact the city for details.
  • Nonpartisan legislative committee – This committee keeps the group abreast of pending legislation and policies that impact the environment.
  • Booth at local/area fairs – Look for us at events like the Grand Affair to learn more about our group.
  • Event Reycling Ordinance – We continue to advocate for the adoption of ordinances that would require event recycling as part of an event permit.

Northern Wisconsin lakeWe are also involved in projects for which other agencies have the lead. For example, in 2014 we advocated for a Clean Sweep program for residential and agricultural hazardous waste. UW-Extension was successful in obtaining a state grant, and a Clean Sweep event will be held on October 3 at the Town of Saratoga garage. Our members are also assisting on a Bike Share program. Wood County Health Department is leading this effort which will be rolled out in spring 2015.   Clean Green Action members also help out at the Growing Friends Community Garden which has completed two successful growing seasons.

New projects for 2015 involve working with other organizations. Our members will help

  • with the processing of EBT at the Wisconsin Rapids farmers market.
  • expand glean by collecting food donations from the vendors at the farmers market.

In addition, members plan to have a one-day Tire Pressure Day during which customers at a local gas station will learn about the benefits of keeping tires inflated at the proper pressure.

The success of our on-going and new projects depends upon our selfless volunteers. With more help, our chances of success will improve. Clean Green Action is a local grassroots, citizen-led group working to create a sustainable community through education, recycling and conservation efforts in the south Wood County area. If you are interested in joining our group and helping out on one or more of these projects, we invite you to attend our meetings which occur at 4 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month (except for June, July and August) at McMillan Library.