Our Vote, Our Ballot Box

On Monday, May 13, at noon, several of us along with The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign met in front of City Hall. This type of event happened in five cities across the state: Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Eau Claire and Wausau. In Wausau, we were joined by Katrina Shankland!

May 13 the Wisconsin Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in the Priorities USA v. WEC  case, which will decide the fate of ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin.

In 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court outlawed ballot drop boxes in Teigen v. WEC under the guise of “ballot harvesting.” After the 2020 presidential election, conspiracy theorists who did not like the results needed a scapegoat.

**Drop boxes became their target.

And several justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court at the time took the bait. This court has the opportunity to fix that mistake, once and for all. We applaud them for having the courage to take this case head-on.

We believe that all Wisconsinites should be able to vote easily and safely. I know when I was still working, I didn’t know where I would be on election day. We should be given more options to have our voices heard. It is against our values when you make it harder to vote. Are you or someone you know one of the key stakeholders in Wausau, folks impacted by drop boxes being taken away…. like healthcare heroes, single parents, senior citizens, or disabled? We are out there advocating for you.

We were met by a few people who felt the ballot boxes were a bad thing. They had no explaination but to say, “they are illegal.” Sadly, by their signs, they can’t spell either!