We are once again watching the complete ignorance – and yes, it is ignorance – of our legislators arguing over the national “debt Ceiling.” Forgive the harsh words, but this misguided foolishness hurts people. It hurts the nation.  Every time we witness this self-destructive nonsense, one cannot help but wonder – – –

Why don’t Americans ask some obvious questions? How can there even be a national debt? The Federal Government is the Constitutionally authorized creator and supplier of the nation’s money. Who are we borrowing our own money from, and why are we borrowing our own money at interest?

Our politicians unanimously approve nearly a trillion dollars a year for “defense” with hardly a single member from either party asking “how ya gonna pay for it?” They continue to subsidize oil companies that lead us to ecological disaster with barely a soul mentioning monetary concerns. So why is it every time Americans would like to see their crumbling infrastructure repaired, or would like investment in modernizing the electrical grid or clean energies, or would like national healthcare, or would like funding for education and student debt relief, we’re suddenly broke and in debt and there has to be “spending cuts?” Why is this?

Why is it our politicians always want to cut social security, or Medicare, or food aid, or investments in low-cost housing, or any of the programs that actually do defend Americans? Why do they give the patents for drugs and vaccines, developed with public funds, for free to giant pharmaceutical corporations and then watch these same corporations rob Americans blind for needed medical treatment? Why are our politicians turning public Medicare over to “Medicare Advantage” private insurance company scams when it would be far less expensive for Medicare to simply provide the same coverage without a parasitic middleman? Why is this?

The obvious questions could go on for pages, but the real question is – why don’t Americans ask these questions? And perhaps even more importantly, why doesn’t the New York Times, the Washington Post, or CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or Fox ask these questions? Why is this?

Yet there are answers to all of these questions, and virtually all of them relate to the power of money creation and how it has been stolen from the public domain of the Federal Government and given to the private banks. Understandably, most people have little interest in this subject. They have their lives and concerns of their own. But not understanding allows a financial class to control and impoverish working Americans. It cripples our nation while dragging the us ever farther into oligarchy – rule “by the rich, for the rich.”

An excellent organization working to return money creation to the public domain is The Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) – https://www.monetaryalliance.org/about-us/ . They are a wonderful source of education. Their Mission Statement says much:


MISSION of the Alliance For Just Money

Our Mission is to research, educate, and organize for real monetary reform. We define real monetary reform as the development, implementation, and protection of a transparent public sovereign money system consistent with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution to serve the general welfare and commerce of society.

Existing research suggests that achieving sovereign money requires three reforms of our existing money and banking systems, and that these must be implemented together to achieve real monetary reform:

  1. Require Congress to exercise its Constitutional power to be the sole creator of all U.S. money, issued debt-free, and to establish a transparent and independent public monetary authority to determine the amount of new money the Treasury will disperse under authority of Congress.
  2. End the privilege of commercial banks to create and issue what we use as money.
  3. Transfer ownership of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, and all remaining operations of the Federal Reserve System, to the U.S. Treasury.

Our Mission is to research, educate, and organize on these interdependent reforms needed to achieve sovereign money in the public interest.

Just Money is, for us, synonymous with “sovereign money.”