It’s 1933

Why would I be surprised by some of what goes on in our county government? I am referring to Supervisor David Baker’s proposal to not only pull funding from the Marathon County Public Library but to assemble a “Library Standards Alignment.” Supervisor Baker’s ideas go as far as a possibility of abolishing the county library system altogether. Supervisor Tony Sherfinski also buys into this ideology by saying that adding pressure by pulling on purse strings is a good idea.

I will be the first to say these people terrify me. This is government over-reach at its finest. Who do you think you are to define what is morally acceptable to read? Censorship and book banning are something to be left back in 1933. This is nothing more than a systematic way to turn minds.  An uneducated mind is much easier to control. Don’t let them control you.

The first amendment is supposed to protect us as Americans from book banning by our government. I hope others will also stand up to this nonsense too. These people are a minority and not the voice of enlightenment.

 I will end with a book quote from James Howe: Banning books is just another form of bullying. It is about fear and the assumption of power. The key is to address the fear and deny the power.