Gun Violence Needs Action Not Prayers


“There is something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve.” These are the words of Miroslav Volf, a protestant theologian. This applies to the recent shooting of two police officers from Cameron and Chetek. Tragically both were killed in a shootout following a traffic stop.

It is “deeply hypocritical” to lament the death of these officers (or the tens-of-thousands of gun deaths each year) when we are “unwilling to resolve” the problem of gun violence.

The shooter was wanted for not paying child support. He had a history of domestic abuse and violence. Why did he have a loaded gun in the car? Why does Wisconsin not have “red flag” laws or strong gun licensing laws that protect people – and police officers – from violent, angry men like this one?

Rep. Tom Tiffany, in his April 14 email newsletter, called the incident “an unfathomable tragedy” and “a senseless act of violence.” He offered “My prayers…to the families and loved ones…”

This incident is not “unfathomable.” It is predictable and Rep. Tiffany’s pro-gun agenda is responsible for enabling these incidents. It is “senseless” because this tragedy could have been prevented with better gun control.

Rep. Tiffany is a strong opponent of all efforts to pass sensible gun control laws. We need representatives willing to act – not pray – to make our communities safer.

People in Wisconsin must also act to demand sensible, stronger gun laws.