Great Local Authors

Local reads are the best reads.

Starting with Gina Ramsey’s “Burnt Gloveboxes: Embracing Life When it Goes up in Flames.” This is a book of misguided adventures and blunders. Trust me I worked with Gina for a short time, the girl is hilarious. Her book has hit the Amazon best seller list. Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed!

Nick Vander Puy recently gave a book talk at the Eagle River Library. Having visited the H.E.L.P. Campaign for the Penokees years ago and learning so much from there, I had to see what more I could learn through the book talk. I asked an old friend to join me. Nick had us form a talking circle and with his calming voice, the story began, along with the unfolding of rich history from the northwoods. The book tells of the changing of the mining laws in Wisconsin that led to the organizing  and vigilance of this group to stop GTAC mining from destroying our waters. My bonus is a day of fishing with Mr. Vander Puy on our Wisconsin waters.