Confidence in Elections

I worked the polls on the August 9th Primary. I have confidence in Wisconsin’s nonpartisan election administration, led by the Wisconsin Election Commission.

There is truly a pool of knowledge at each polling place. Each of Wisconsin’s 1,852 municipalities has a clerk who has been trained to administer elections. Some municipalities are large enough to have deputy clerks, who are also trained. Each polling place has multiple election workers, who must also be trained.

These clerks and poll workers are our friends and neighbors who step up to help with a vital civic process to ensure that elections are carried out in a fair, nonpartisan manner. I trust and support my friends and neighbors to obey the election laws as they are trained to do. Everyone is there to help.

Whether voters send their absentee ballot through the mail, vote early in-person, require assistance because of a disability or cast their ballot on election day, Wisconsinites can trust that their ballots are safe and secure.  There is a wide range of checks and balances to ensure their votes will be counted.