Citizen Sleuthing


Yes, Greenlight Metals, we are watching you. We are watching VERY closely. We saw on May 4 where the DNR has given you “conditional” approval for Greenlight metals to undertake drilling at the Bend Deposit in Taylor County. The Bend Deposit is located about 20 miles northwest of the city of Medford. The area itself is quite remote with the drilling area on a very small piece of upland, less than a quarter mile from the north branch of the Yellow River. Ground water is being monitored at several spots by the University of Wisconsin and is found to be between 15-35 feet. Yes, another water rich area that is enjoyed by canoes and kayaks.

Gold and copper are what Greenlight Metals is hoping to find. Neither are critical minerals, and neither are needed. Copper can always be more easily recycled but sadly we live in an economy where money is the sole driver. Far too many of these exploration companies rely on the public to be ill informed as they sell themselves on the demand for clean energy and the scare tactics of decreasing our dependence on foreign importing. Truth be known, many other countries have put a stop to these untrustworthy mining companies desecrating their lands for a get rich scheme.

Please read the May 4, 2023, documentation on the DNR Metallic mining site. You will find that Greenlight Metals falls short in giving any specifics in their drilling plans. Drilling fluids are known to contain PFAS and other chemicals. We do not need to further endanger our waterways. The DNR has asked for an increase in a surety bond of $50,000.00. That amount of money will not clean up a disaster. You and I, the taxpayer will be paying for that in the form of a superfund site. When sulfide ore hits air and water, it creates sulfuric acid. Nothing lives in sulfuric acid. Where do you think Greenlight Metals will be? Most likely off creating damage elsewhere.