Average American to US Congressman: “Congressman, my city’s water is supplied through aging lead pipes. Children are showing high levels of lead in their bodies that damages brain development and their overall health. I’m terrified for my own children. We need congress to provide the money to replace these dangerous pipes.”

US Congressman to Average American: “Yes, yes, I know – these pipes are a real problem and believe me, I feel your pain. But you know, times are tough and we just don’t have the money right now. Maybe you can buy bottled water for the kids and cooking and have everyone take quick showers. We’ll sure look at this in congress. Oh, by the way, have you seen the pics of the new B-21 nuclear capable bomber? What a beauty! And only $700 million each. Northrup Grumman says we’ll get this deal if we order 100. Hey, we’re looking out for you. This is will defend you and your family – keep you safe.”

Average American: “Congressman, my elderly parents worked hard all their lives. They’re in their late 70’s. Mom still works part-time, but dad’s heart problems make it impossible for him to do much. They can no longer afford their medications and have started taking half doses to get by. I’m worried sick about them. We help where we can, but with 3 kids we don’t have a lot of extra money. We need the government to increase social security payments and Medicare coverage.”

Congressman: “We feel so bad about your parents, but we just don’t know where the money is going to come from. The deficit is out of control! We’ll sure look at this in congress – do what we can. But hey, have you seen we’re going to upgrade the nuclear arsenal? Just a few trillion bucks or so over the next couple years. This’ll keep you and your parents safe from all the bad guys. We’re looking out for you!”

Average American: “Congressman, several of the bridges in my county have been declared unsafe and the roads are so bad the suspension on my car had to be replaced. It cost a small fortune. We need the funds to repair all of this before a bridge collapses and kills people like the one in Minneapolis.”

Congressman: “Yes, we know the roads and bridges are rough and need repair. But how you going pay for it? Look at the government debt. Now simply isn’t the right time. But we’ll sure look at this in congress. We feel for you. But just look at these great photos of the F-35 fighter jet! Yes, we know it’s had a few problems and a few have crashed, but Lockheed Martin tells us they’ve got it under control and at only $100 million a pop, it’s a deal. It’s keeping you safe. We’re taking care of you!”

Average American: “Congressman, the family three houses down the street from us is having to declare bankruptcy because of medical debt. Their son has an unusual medical condition and insurance doesn’t begin to cover the costs. This family is going to lose their home, and we have read that medical bills are the leading cause of family bankruptcy in America. We need a national public healthcare system like the other industrialized nations so hard-working people like our neighbors aren’t economically ruined for trying to save their child.”

Congressman: “We feel absolutely terrible about your neighbors and sure wish we could do something to help them. But government spending is out of control. We can’t even think about national public healthcare. We’re doing everything we can to help, but we just don’t have the money to cover medical expenses. Hey, give my thoughts and prayers to your neighbors. And just to let you know we care, we’re moving ahead with 12 new Columbia class nuclear attack submarines. Only $15 billion each, so a bargain for the country. We’re keeping the enemies away. You and your neighbor will be safe.”

Average American: “Congressman, the homeless population in our town is getting larger every year. We desperately need help with affordable housing. People are dying and it’s becoming unsafe for our community in general. The police department can’t keep up.”

Congressman: “Yes, we hear this across the country, but the Federal Government is broke. Just nothing we can do. We feel awful about it. But how about those great Patriot Missiles? Just $4 million bucks a shot and we know they don’t always work, but boy can they do a number when they actually do hit something. We’re protecting you.”

Average American: “Congressman, student debt is impoverishing an entire generation of our youth, our schools are aging and need repair. We’ve lost power to our homes several times this year and the power grid is in dire need of a national upgrade. Climate change and global warming are creating havoc across our nation. We urgently need major investments in alternative energies along with efficient public transportation systems. Congressman, please do something for the people of America.”

Congressman: “We know your pain and we’re doing our best to help in Washington. How about a nice new aircraft carrier? And be sure to vote for me in November. I’m fighting for you!”

I am sick to my stomach of lemming congressmen of all stripes that unanimously approve a trillion dollars a year to enrich the merchants of death, but do next to nothing to improve the lives of the people of America.

I am sick to my stomach of lemming congressmen of all stripes that unanimously approve a trillion dollars a year for mass murder, genocide, ecocide, and the very possible termination of all life on Earth, with blind disregard for how it is bankrupting our nation.

I am sick to my stomach of lemming congressmen that unanimously approve a trillion dollars a year to endanger the life of my children, my grandchildren, and all I hold dear, to fill their campaign coffers with blood money.