No one should be dictating what you can and cannot read. It appears this is becoming a trend in our nation. We need you to help stop it in its tracks. We do not need a rating system either. If you are old enough to go to the library yourself, you’re old enough to pick out books. In the world we live in, the library is the one safe place where children can get solid factual materials. Take a moment to watch the video at the bottom of this article by Donna Jo Napoli, “What Children (and Everyone else) Need to Read.”  Please come to the Wausau library on Monday, August 21, around 11:30 and sign up to make a quick comment letting our librarians know they have your support. All you need to do is stop at the front desk and tell them you’d like to provide public comment at the library meeting. The meeting itself begins at noon.

Speaking of censorship, we also have someone who works at the Capitol who wants to drive a wonderful local newspaper out of business. Yes, local; someone who is from our area and publishes a newspaper with stories about what happens in our area. What gives here? You don’t like what is said about you, so you sue someone. I don’t care what side of the political aisle you are on, the simple solution here is we don’t say unkind remarks. Simple as that.

Meanwhile…..please help as you are able. Go Fund Me page