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After a year and a half of community concern and deliberation at City Hall regarding Riverside Park, on Tuesday, October 22, the Wausau City Council approved the request of Citizens for a Clean Wausau (CCW) for access to the park to take soil samples and analyze them for dioxins and furans. Results from 2006 private soil samples near a culvert area in the park revealed Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) direct contact soil exceedances for dioxins and furans. The samples were taken in relation to a lawsuit involving WAULECO and Sentry Insurance. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit alleged that dioxin contamination stemming from the former ...

Prominent Toxicologist Interviewed on 1230 WXCO Regarding Riverside Park & Thomas Street (Audio)


Mini-Documentary: Letter from Prominent Toxicologist to Wausau Environmentalist Group (Video)


Harvard-Trained Toxicologist, Stephen Lester, Critiques State DHS Dioxin Assessment of Riverside Park & Thomas St. Neighborhood

VIEW MORE INFORMATION ON THE CITIZENS FOR A CLEAN WAUSAU GROUP'S WEBSITE, CLEANWAUSAU.COM INFORMATION ON STEPHEN LESTER Biographical Source Information Courtesy of CHEJ • Master of Science degree in Toxicology from Harvard University • Second Master of Science degree in Environmental Health from New York University (NYU) • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from American University • Mr. Lester has served on numerous scientific advisory and peer review committees including those of the Natural Resource Council of the National Academy of Sciences, the National institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, the Congressional Office ...