Another Ten Years?

Today was the day we were waiting for, but definitely not the outcome we had worked so hard toward. I can remember a few short years back traveling to Marshfield with a friend for our initial meeting of FAIR MAPS. The turnout was huge from all corners of the state. We were organized, we planned, we were hopeful. Meeting after meeting, we diligently worked, and now this, the outcome. It’s dirty politics at its finest.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court adopted the GOP maps for the state legislature.

“In March, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) sent back the state senate and assembly maps selected by the Wisconsin Supreme Court asking that they, “show their work” on how the maps submitted by the Governor comply with the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Our State Justices have what they need in hand to proceed with the SCOTUS request and have refused additional information from the Governor’s office. “

So, we waited, and we waited…..

Today we received our answer. The Wisconsin State Supreme Court decided to put a last-minute spin on things and kill democracy with a 4-3 vote. Politicians can still pick their voters. Fifty-five of seventy-two counties in the state of Wisconsin had passed resolutions calling for fair maps. It is sad when you look at all the time and effort, the volunteers, and the hours upon hours of litigation, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court ignores it all. They turned around ignoring a decision they made a mere month ago.  What is the legal basis for this? I don’t believe we have been given one.

Gerrymandering is unethical. I honestly believe the majority of Wisconsinite’s support a fair system; like Iowa has been using since the 1960’s. I know I am not the only one who is frustrated. This shows an absolute lack of respect of the voters, especially the voters in our Black communities of Milwaukee. It is sneaky. The news arrived on the eve of a holiday when the least amount of people would be paying attention. I am calling it a horrible miscarriage of justice.

Wisconsin deserves fair maps. This is a major setback, and I am angry, but we cannot stop the fight. I don’t care how many times you knock me down; I will get up. We must get up, it is important that we do not stop raising our voices until we bring an end to partisan gerrymandering in our state.