A letter to national legislators

Dear National Legislators,

We know you fight for us, but we’re confused. The lead pipes in our cities are causing permanent physical and mental health problems for our children. You tell us our government has no money to help. But recently new aircraft carriers costing billions of dollars were approved. You say they defend us from enemies.

We can no longer afford healthcare for our families. Many suffer and die for lack of treatment. Families go bankrupt over the bills. You tell us government debt is out of control and there is no way to pay for universal healthcare like other industrialized nations. But a new fleet of nuclear attack submarines costing tens of billions of dollars is being authorized. You say it protects us from enemies.

Our elderly cannot pay for medications. Many are forced to choose between food and lifesaving drugs. You tell us you can do nothing to control prices, but the same prescriptions cost far less in Canada, Mexico, and other industrialized nations. We know you fight for working people, but could you tell us how much Pfizer, Mylan, Abbott and other pharmaceutical corporations donate to your campaigns?

Growing numbers of families and children are becoming homeless. You say you are sorry, but the government is broke and can do nothing. But not long ago you approved trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Street banks that are now purchasing, at reduced prices, the homes our families have been evicted from. We know you fight for us, but could you tell us how much banks, hedge funds and billionaires contribute to your campaigns?

Wild fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes are becoming much worse because of global warming and causing us terrible hardship. You tell us our government simply can’t afford to develop alternative energies or upgrade the national electrical grid, or all of the other things needed to reduce climate change. But you continue to give billions in public subsidies to oil and coal corporations. We have complete faith in your unwavering commitment to government of, by, and for the people, but could you tell us how much Chevron, Exxon, Koch and other coal and oil corporations donate to your campaigns? It would just provide reassurance.

Roads and bridges built by our parents and grandparents when America had much less wealth than today, are crumbling and unsafe. You say you understand and sympathize, but the government deficit is huge and there isn’t a dime to spare. Yet recently you authorized a new branch of the military called “Space Force” that will cost untold billions. You say it will keep us safe from enemies. We know it would never influence your decisions, but could you let us know how much Boeing, and Martin Marietta, and Lockheed, and General Dynamics and other defense contractors are investing in your campaigns or how many of you own stocks in arms corporations?

One last thing dear legislators, could you tell us who our real enemy is? Thank you.