Please join us at our Reform Chautauqua, Sept. 7-8 in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Speakers include former Sen. Dale SchultzMatt Rothschild of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Mike McCabe from Blue Jean Nation, Sachin Chheda on Fair Redistricting, Lena and Rich Eng from Unite America and George Penn with United To Amend.

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Are you a citizen activist, who fully understands that our democracy is corrupted and needs to be restored?  This Chautauqua will be a large gathering of people who want to help build the reform movement – to restore our republic from the corrupted big-money political system that no longer represents We the People.

Are you currently active with one of the groups working on reforms?  Are you an issues activist working on health care, education, power lines, CAFOs, clean water or air, or many others – and you understand that we must ALSO fix our democracy, or your issue work cannot be durable?

Wisconsin is leading the nation in building the movement to Restore Our Republic – and we need your help.

Wisconsin United to Amend

On September 7th and 8th, 2019, we will hold the Chautauqua at the Dunn County Historical Society, in Menomonie Wisconsin.  We hope this will be in the nature of the many Chautauquas around the nation in the 1800s and early 1900s – held to educate citizen about political conditions and actions needed – before the time of mass communications.

 We will have presentations by leaders of organizations that are currently involved in building the movement needed to create reforms necessary to Restore Our Republic. Speakers will talk about reforms needed related to Big Money in Politics, Fair Redistricting, Fair Voting, and Movement Building to create these changes.

But it won’t all be business – we will have good food, arts and entertainment, and opportunities for you do network with Wisconsin’s reform patriots.

Wisconsin is currently leading the nation in building the political reform movement. And we are determined to Restore our Republic from the dysfunctional political system that has stolen it. This is your chance to become part of history – much like Wisconsin is well known for its prowess for the Gilded Age reform movement lead by Fighting Bob Lafollette.  Wisconsin can, nay must, lead the nation again.

Will you become part of this historic event?  We need you to both join us at the event, and then to become active reformers who will move Wisconsin, and the nation, to have politicians who once again represent We the People.  See you there!