• Mayday

May 1 is known as May Day and also as International Workers’ Day. Workers march in parades all over the world. It is a day we celebrate the workers of our country and express our gratitude to them for building our nation and keeping it running.

On May Day, 2012, thousands of workers marched in New York City to protest the state of the economy and the widening gap of the rich and the poor. In 2014, we remember our workers and continue to push for an increased minimum wage…up to $10.10. There are now 25 states that have increased their minimum wage.

Here are other ways to celebrate May Day:

+Thank the workers in your family and in your neighborhood.
+Be grateful for being able to work, for being physically healthy and for having a job.
+Thank your mailman for faithful delivery in all kinds of weather.
+Write, phone and e-mail your legislators, urging them to increase the minimum wage.
+Watch the film “Inequality for All” by Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor.